Pavel Šmajs
Professional japanese interpreter and translator

Pavel Šmajs

22+ years
of using Japanese on a daily basis

13 years
of business relations with Japanese partners

10 years
of professional interpreter and translator experience

at your service


I provide professional Japanese interpreting services of a native speaker level. I mainly focus on technical and industrial topics and business negotiations, in which I can take full advantage of my previous work experience. Nevertheless, I also cover conferences, lectures, presentations, and other similar events. On top of these, I remain open to new challenges. Should you have specific requirements, kindly use the form or any other contact channel to let me know.

A thorough preparation including a research on the topic, professional attitude in every aspect discretion, and reliability are a matter of course. My most notable added value, however, is my lifelong personal experience with the business conduct in Japanese fashion with all the intangible peculiarities stemming from a distinctive language and culture in general, which also allows me to provide a valuable guidance in situations in which a good first impression is essential and a seemingly unimportant detail may have a grave impact on the entire deal.

Main focus:

  • Interpreting business negotiations and meetings of all levels, both internal and with a business prospect including teleconferences
  • Interpreting the company agenda – from formal visit of foreign partner management or vendor representative to lectures and trainings of both technical and business-administrative character for production and back office personnel
  • Escort and interpreter support for business visits and travels
  • Bilingual escort for a foreign visitor during his stay in the Czech Republic
  • Business consulting services covering all aspects of communication with a Japanese business prospect or partner


  • Automotive
  • Electronics and electrotechnology
  • Research and Development
  • Metallurgy
  • Logistics
  • Quality assurance
  • Accounting and legal
  • Marketing & PR
  • ...and more - kindly suggest your topic

Interpreting rates:

The standard rate is 60 EUR per hour + VAT.

It includes preparation based on resources available beforehand and the rate is fixed regardless of the subject or level of difficulty.

However, in case of a highly specific one-time job requiring a time-consuming preparation, such extraordinary efforts may be charged extra.

For orders involving travels outside Prague, compensation of travel and accommodation (if any) expenses is added.

To maintain maximum possible quality, I interpret consecutively. Simultaneous interpreting is also possible, however, because of its highly demanding nature, the rates are significantly higher and are decided case by case.





I do Czech–Japanese and Japanese–Czech translations in excellent quality, reliably, and discreetly. My particular area of expertise are mainly technical and business topics. My competence stems from the command of Japanese on a native speaker level, including familiarity with respective technical terminology and feel for the proper form and style in business matters, as well as from relevant work experience with renowned technology suppliers.

My services are predominantly focused on Japanese companies with presence in Czech Republic and Czech companies dealing or intending to start a B2B cooperation with Japanese counterparts, I am, however, also open to refreshing new challenges from individual customers too.

If required, I can also provide a court-certified translation.

Technical topics:

  • Technical documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Technical drawings, blueprints, and clues
  • Material sheets
  • Assembly and maintenance instructions
  • Device / machinery operation and service manuals
  • Conversion tables for EU/JP industrial standards and norms
  • ...and more

Business-administrative topics:

  • Business correspondence
  • Internal policies and guidelines
  • Business meeting minutes
  • Certificates and corroborations, e.g. accompanying documentation for ISO
  • Dispatch notes for export / import
  • Request for quotation (RFQ) specification
  • Business offers, bids and quotes
  • ...and more

Legal and accounting topics:

  • Business papers, titles, deeds, charters
  • Financial statements and records
  • Memoranda of association
  • Contract agreements including notarial / court certification


On top of my core expertise I will not only gladly help you with translation of historical literature and spiritual and artistic texts but also subtitles for rare Japanese movies and series, PC and mobile games and apps, and etc. Feel free to challenge me!

Translation rates:

The default price is 50 EUR per page (1,800 strokes) of source text + VAT.

It applies for a moderately difficult text and resources delivered provided in some of the common editable formats (.doc(x), .txt, .rtf) and may change depending on extra efforts associated with additional graphic works (integrating the imagery), express delivery, and etc. In case the resources are delivered asa scanned document, its size will be determined by a qualified guess and the price adjusted accordingly.

The minimum charge (even for less than one page of text) is 30 EUR.

Since I possess qualities of a native speaker and maintain years of professional translator experience, essentially no additional native speaker proofreading is necessary.


IPS Alfa
Seven Promotion



What makes a good interpreter and translator?

First and foremost, an excellent command of both the source and target language and of course a good understanding of the topic and related terminology. A language certificate, however, is not always a guarantee of quality. While interpreting requires mostly readiness, quick reaction, and improvisation skills, essential pre-requisite of a good quality translation is understanding and adhering to either the message with its feel and pace (for marketing texts, press releases, fiction, and etc.) or literal wording (legal or technical topics, in which each word is important). Mixing these two kinds of attitude together often ensues in a misconception.

How to pick a good interpreter?

Choosing an interpreter (or any other professional, actually) by the price is tricky, especially if you have limited or no means of assessing the result. Quality is not automatically guaranteed by an agency logo and claim either, as you are not certain who actually does the job. The key factors should be relevant experience with the subject (fiction requires a different approach than technical topics) and reference.

Why should I hire you, anyway?

  • 22+ years of Japanese on daily basis in Japanese environment, from school age to adulthood
  • 13+ years of business contact with Japanese partners and employers (not only in an interpreter role), a profound knowledge of the Japanese manners and ways of thinking
  • 10+ years of professional interpreter and translator experience, reference from renowned corporate customers
  • Feel for the language on native speaker level
  • Responsible attitude and perfect preparation for every job
  • Professional experience with topics I am focusing on
  • Most importantly: I am a practitioner, not an academic japanologist.

Aren`t the prices a bit too steep?

The prices correspond with the quality delivered. Unlike the European languages, in Japanese, it is essential to carefully consider circumstances and relation of the parties involved including the use of suitable honorific phrases. Although some Japanese may be benevolent, it is not always so. In either case, a skilled interpreter can significantly help you make the difference.

The skills and experience I can deliver can neither be acquired academically nor even during a study visit(s).

How is interpreting charged?

The charge is set as hourly, fixed, and essentially independent of the subject. Only in cases of highly specific one-time jobs requiring a time-consuming preparation, such preparation may be charged additionally.

What kind of preparation does an interpreter need?

Preparation is a key part of the job. It is always good to know details such as the participants of the meeting, their roles and relations, and as well as the agenda and goals of the meeting with some advance. Any background information or written resources to the topic are helpful nevertheless.

Is confidentiality and trade secret guaranteed?

Next to the professional ethics, the duty of confidentiality is also enshrined in the legislation. On top of these an ad hoc Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can also be arranged.

Interpreting out of Prague or even abroad?

Interpreting on your premises or escorting you on a business travel is not a problem. However, transportation and accommodation expense (if any) will be added to the bill.

How is a translation charged?

In general, translations are either charged per page (1800 characters including spaces) of the source text or per a word. Pricing per word is more usual for agencies and major projects with number of translators working on them simultaneously, good amount of repeating phrases and stress on consistent terminology, in which CAT (computer-aided translation) tools are employed. For individual freelancers (such as myself), pricing per page is common. Due to specifics of the Japanese language, moreover, utilizing a CAT tool would not be much effective, anyway.

Why is there the minimum charge for translation?

I will gladly translate even a single sentence for you but because of the fixed costs and administration the minimum charged amount is 18 EUR + VAT.

Can you arrange a legally-certified (sworn) translation too?

Yes, with my partners I am able to deliver a sworn translation of your documents.

Can you possibly help us find and address a business prospect or procure specific merchandise in Japan?

Yes, kindly contact me.

about me

Pavel Šmajs
Pavel Šmajs

Pavel Šmajs was born in 1988 in Prague but spent most of his childhood in Japan, where he attended primary education and also received the traditional Japanese upbringing. Here he also, although rather informally, came in first touch with interpreting.

Upon his return to the Czech Republic he took full advantage of his contacts and as a student of the School of International and Public Relations started the KAGEKI RACING, a company importing Japanese sports cars and parts. After completing the school, he discovered the potential of his expertise in Japanese language and familiarity with the culture, withdrew from the established business and dedicated himself to interpreting.

The first corporate experience he acquired in the automotive industry with a leading parts producer and in electronics with a renowned LCD manufacturer, in which he underwent a management trainee program including practice in engineering, quality assurance, and logistics or finance. Later he demonstrated his organization skills and extended his experience in a busy corporate environment as a Procurement manager responsible for a small team at Komatsu. After the company left the Czech market, Pavel returned to the path of a professional interpreter for good.

Since then he provides interpreting, translating, and business consulting services. His long-term customers typically recruit among Japanese companies operating in the Czech Republic and Central Europe or Czech companies starting business activities with Japanese partners. He nevertheless remains open to smaller projects and contracts with individuals.


Should you be interested in detailed information about my services and expertise, non-bonding calculation or have a query of any kind, kindly use the form or any of the contact channels below, I shall revert ASAP.

Pavel Šmajs

+420 732 169 723

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